Treework training courses in Sussex & Kent, tree surgery courses in Sussex & Kent, UK.

With over 18 years in the arboricultural industry and still actively involved on a commercial basis Scott is in an ideal position to relate the training you need to your commercial reality. As a Lantra Awards approved instructor and NPTC assessor you can be sure of the best possible training and individual attention.

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New to tree climbing?

We offer the novice a comprehensive introduction to the equipment, skills and excitement of tree climbing. A typical one day programme will include:

  • Equipment briefing – harness, ropes and knots
  • Access techniques – rope throwing and throw lines
  • Basic ascent & descent – prussic hitches, ascenders
  • Branchwalking - balance

With an instructor ratio of 4:1 there is plenty of time for individual attention. Climbing initially will be supervised 1:1, and as the day progresses supervision will be 1:2. When not climbing you will be able to rest – watch and pick up useful tips, practise knots and balance.

Lunch is provided (selected by you when you arrive and then prepared by local delicatessen) and can be enjoyed in the canopy – just don't forget the mayonnaise!

Experienced or feeling adventurous?

For those with some experience or to extend the one day course into an adrenaline filled weekend we offer the following:

  • Large trees – ascent, branch walking and descent – enjoy the views!
  • Tree to tree transfers
  • Zip lining