Two tree surgeons discussing the felling cuts

Tree Surgery, Chainsaw Training & More

Tree Work, Arboricultural and Chainsaw Training in Sussex & Kent

2021 Update - We remain open as usual. We have followed advice and guidance from the Awarding Bodies that we work with and adhere to government guidance and rules.

Training is an integral part of work and is required in order for forestry and arboricultural work to be undertaken safely. Therefore is it permitted. See additional Covid RA.


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Contact us with your tree surgery refresher requirements - we can update you in the latest techniques.

Course title Date Fee
Firewood Processor Please enquire Please enquire View Course Details
Supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off-Ground Tree Related Operations All aerial course dates £230-£690 View Course Details
Severing Uprooted and Windblown Trees Please enquire £520 View Course Details
Preparing and Agreeing Emergency Tree Work Operations/ Emergency Tree Work Operations Please enquire £900 View Course Details
Felling trees up to 380mm Generally runs from day 2 of the combined course/ some discrete courses £740 View Course Details


PDF icon Additional RA, specific to Covid