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News and insights from the tree surgery and arboriculture sector

We love to keep up to date with new practices, courses, assessment news and much more in the arboriculture industry. Over the years that Scott Fraser Training, we have been documenting activities that have been taking place daily. Have a read through some of our blog posts below and let us know what you think; we'd love to hear from you.

assisted fell

Lantra Awards Assisted Felling


The blog post introduces the Lantra Awards Assisted Felling course, which is designed to help learners improve their forestry skills and gain practical experience in tree felling. The post highlights the benefits of the course, including increased safety, efficiency, and knowledge of relevant legislation.

chain brake repair

Chainsaw Safety Features


Basic chainsaw units have recently been updated as part of a periodic review of City & Guilds Forestry & Arboricultural units. This has resulted in a less cluttered assessment schedule for the basic chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting and the felling trees under 380mm units 003920/ 003921.