One of Scott Fraser Training's tree surgeon's demonstrating how to climb a tree at the Climbing experience day

Go Climb A Tree

Experience life in the trees

This 1-day experience is aimed at people who would like to experience climbing a tree with ropes.  It is a great day for a small group or friends or family to enjoy - whether they are 6 or 60, it's enjoyable! Our youngest client has been 4!

We offer the novice a comprehensive introduction to the equipment, skills and excitement of tree climbing. A typical one day programme will include:

  • Equipment briefing – harness, ropes and knots
  • Access techniques – rope throwing and throw lines

Depending on experience and enthusiasm the following could be covered:

  • Basic ascent & descent – prussic hitches, ascenders
  • Branchwalking - balance

With an instructor ratio of 4:1 there is plenty of time for individual attention. Tree climbing training will be supervised 1:1 initially. When not climbing you will be able to rest – watch and pick up useful tips, practise knots and balance.

The fee is £150 per person or £350 for a group of up to 4 people for the day. 

Vouchers are available.