Corporate Social Responsibility

We firmly believe in taking our impact on the environment seriously and have a set of basic corporate social responsibility* (CSR) principles that guide our activities:

Through our work and interaction with the public we aim to always generate an awareness of our natural environment and the benefits of good tree work and woodland management. We do this by a simple integrity backed up by high quality work.

SFT principles that guide our activities: 

•    Nobody gets hurt as a result of our tree surgery training and what we do.  Everything and everyone is treated with respect

•    We work to ensure that we have a positive effect on the environment

•    The way we do things is based upon the concept of sustainability**

•    The local and wider community and the industries that we deal with will benefit from our business

•    There is minimal waste product from our services

Working with the local community:

Locally, Scott Fraser Training works with the Scout Association, particularly both the Cubs and Scouts. 

Social responsibility is doing what you do in a way that does not negatively affect people around you or better still, by giving a little back to make things better for everyone around you.

** Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development is necessary because global environmental degradation continues despite the introduction and enforcement of a multitude of environmental laws and regulations.