Ground Based Chainsaw cutting through part of a tree

Training Courses

Chainsaw Ground Based

We offer a range of chainsaw courses from basic chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting to felling and advanced windblown trees.

Course title Date Fee
Flexible Tree Surgery Course Please enquire £2300 View Course Details
Preparing and agreeing emergency tree work operations/ Emergency tree work operations Please enquire £850 View Course Details
Lantra Chainsaw felling refresher Please enquire £390 View Course Details
Supporting colleagues undertaking off-ground tree related operations All aerial course dates £210-£550 View Course Details
Felling trees up to 380mm Generally runs from day 2 of the combined course/ some discrete courses £740 View Course Details
Felling and processing trees over 380mm (L3) 1st Sep 2020 £690 View Course Details
Chainsaw Maintenance and cross cutting (L2) 8th Jun 2020 £490 or £390 LANTRA ITA View Course Details
Severing uprooted and windblown trees 15th Oct 2020 £520 View Course Details
Outdoor Emergency First Aid at Work 7th Aug 2020 £150/ +F £190 View Course Details
Domestic Chainsaw user- maintenance and beyond! 10th Jun 2020 £150 View Course Details