Emergency Number Worldwide


112 - using your phone in an emergency

We often work in remote places – sometimes with little of no phone signal, so an article about using 11, forwarded by Chalky White, was very welcome.  


This video describes an alternative way of contacting the Emergency Services if out in bad signal areas. 

To use the text facility you must first register by texting the word ‘Register’ (without the quotation marks) to 112.


To summarise:

•    You can often connect to 112 for emergency services, even if you don’t have a mobile signal, as your phone will search all networks.

•    No phone pin-code is needed (over rides security).

•    No phone credit is needed, plus over rides busy networks.

•    If you can’t connect by voice, you can use the text facility for help, better chance of getting through in areas with very poor reception.


Hopefully we’ll never need it but it’s good to know about!