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Career in Arboriculture or Forestry?

We have recently been inspired by the skill and motivation of an 82 year old on one of our chainsaw courses but our last enquiry, we feel, has topped that!

Last week we received an email enquiry on behalf of an 11 year old. It just goes to show – you’re never too old or too young to think about your future or learn new skills!

Although 11 is too young to attend any commercial jobs there are a number of things that can be done to develop skills that will help, not only for the forestry and arb world but in general.

Having a love of outdoors and being active is key – it’s not always the glorious spring weather that we’re having at the moment!

There are lots of associations or clubs that could be of interest. The local Scout group that Scott is involved with have regular camps, night walks and skill based sessions throughout the year. Scott has led a number of activities including – knife and axe work, tree felling using hand tools, bridge building (for tractors to cross a stream), the next plan being to build a wildlife observation tower.

The Young Farmer’s Association can also provide excellent opportunities for skills development.

There are a number of Agricultural shows around that may be of interest - South of England show at Ardingly or a bit further afield - The Arb Show, Gloucestershire . At these shows, there will be plenty of people to talk to about the industry.


We are happy to talk to people about what the job entails, the different routes into the industry, skills and qualities suitable and what could be done from an early age to help in the industry later.