Husqvarna 576XP Review

The tree had been infected by Meripilus Giganteus, and as such we decided to remove limbs and stems in a balanced and systematic way, using the Hobbs lowering device to minimise loadings on the anchor points and maximise control.

After carefully removing the laterals and top sections I set up a twin rigging system to bring the 7 vertical stems down efficiently in one downward sweep.
A Samson 19mm stable braid and 16mm Marlow braid were used through appropriate blocks back down to the Hobbs lowering device, allowing a choice in SWL capacity for the different sized pieces and with the rigging point above and pre-tensioning of the line.
This took full advantage of the saws cutting performance, the main time being taken to tie and untie each section from the stems, they ranged in diameter from around 15” to 20” with some up 30” nearer crown break.
First impressions are that it is an exceptionally powerful, fast cutting and balanced saw with a narrow and nimble feel. Fitted with full chisel chain the tip is lively! As with all our husqvarnas starting is just a matter of set and pull – as it should be, especially after a refuelling or a warmish start!
More recently on a crane removal of a oak affected by beefsteak fungus, (Fistulina hepatica)I used the husqvarna for the main stem section cuts, this time fitted with the largest bar option, 28” – as can be seen by the video it performs well. A large lower lateral had broken out and smashed a garage roof – amazingly not damaging the classic car within!
In forestry for medium to large tree felling the saw is ideal, and even when just logging it powers through tough material with ease, making up for it’s 7kg weight. Vibration levels are low too at 2.9 and 3.6m/s2 for the front/rear handles respectively
The saw is the first choice of everyone in the crew when cutting over the 15” diameter class, I doubt this is just the novelty value!
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