Medium Tree Felling Course

Medium Tree Felling Course – 9thJanuary 2012 - Scott Fraser Training

 Medium Tree Felling Course brief

The first tree surgery training course of 2012 here at Scott Fraser Training was medium tree felling; the outcome could not have gone better! Students developed their tree felling skills, team building skills and they all achieved a sense of self-development. Most importantly they all had fun!


The medium tree felling course is the following step from the basic tree felling course. It is ideal for those who are looking to develop their skills in felling larger trees, on the other hand, this course is also appropriate as a refresher of safe felling and chainsaw use.


The site in Lamberhurst has been used for numerous basic tree felling courses. This left a large number of medium trees, often in the open; resulting in an easier straight fell but with plenty major hang up potential. Western Hemlock removal under a PAWS restoration plan was the main species felled but there were also several Broadleaves trees that were either in poor condition or overhanging rides, frequently heavily leaning too.


We used a smaller guide bar (13”) to practise techniques of boring and sweep cutting on the first morning, this built confidence and reduced the time taken to clear up! This set up was suited to the Husqvarna 346XP, with the help of the 357XP and Stihl 361 chainsaw. On the second day, we set up the hand winch and primarily used the heavy forward leaning and hung up tree techniques.


Weather and ground conditions were great, allowing a mechanised clear up and loading of fires, during breaks, greatly increasing the time spent felling rather than clearing up. This also made the purpose of a well laid out site very clear as the forwarder negotiated the product and brash.


The group were superb and included two recent FDSc Arboriculture students (Plumpton College) and two more experienced arborists.  A lot of trees were felled, with trainees working well together organising the site for safety towards the end of the course. Break time discussion was wide-ranging, and of high quality, I loved David’s Fred Dibnah stories -  is there a topic he is not able to comment on?


A consistent comment throughout the week was the benefit of the time available to practise skills without the usual persistent commercial pressure; having said that a lot of trees were felled, and the site looked superb. It is well on it’s way to being completely cleared of Hemlock.

 Course Feedback;

  • Excellent practical demonstrations with new felling techniques taught.
  • Educational & fun, well organised.
  • Working forestry site with actual objectives. Positive attitudes & teamwork. Tarp & tea!
  • Learnt a lot this week, many hung up!. Good group. 15 years bad habits to unlearn, good winching practice, made good progress on forestry skills!

Feedback in full, (PDF version of the forms) is available on request.

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