First aid training on human


Outdoor First Aid at Work


Over the years, we have attended many first aid courses and have been searching for a more bespoke course linked to outside working – more specifically to forestry and arboriculture. 

Now the mission has been accomplished – job gone!

Ian and Hinako led an ‘Outside First Aid at Work’ course with Trauma and Tourniquet. This was by far the best First Aid training we have experienced – the pace was quick, there was a strong practical focus linked to our industry and all queries were discussed and answered.

All the usual first aid was covered – CPR, recovery position, defibrillator use, choking (Anna was a little worse for ware after Scott practiced the back slaps and abdominal thrusts!). On top of this, a wealth of ‘top tips’ and equipment was discussed, shown and used.

Reference was continually made to the types of injuries that may occur in our industry – for example chainsaw and climbing injuries and equipment was tailored to this – leg splints, hip braces, log roll, portable stretchers (why did we chose to lift the heaviest man?!).

The Trauma element was referred to throughout – allowing us all to increase our first aid knowledge, whilst reviewing existing knowledge. With a serious cut a Tourniquet will help stem the blood flow. We all had a go at putting one of these on. It was painful to do it up tight enough but I guess in a real situation, you would do it!

A great course - thanks! 

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