Training For Overseas Client

Bespoke training for an overseas client

Two clients from overseas having bespoke training

“ Thank you for organising and making this a successful two weeks.”

We do love a challenge and this enquiry was certainly that!

A client, who is based in Hong Kong, contacted us with a long (and growing) list of requirements.

The client, James, held Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling trees up to 380mm, Tree climbing and aerial rescue and Aerial tree cutting and wanted a refresh in aerial rescue and new climbing techniques, as he hadn’t climbed for a few years, then wanted to gain Aerial tree rigging, First aid and Chainsaw use in a MEWP.

This was all easily achievable… then, thanking us for the quick response, the list increased to include Felling trees over 380mm.

Again, all achievable…however, ideally James wanted the training within the month and all training and assessment was to be completed within a 2 week time frame, as this was how long he would be in the UK for!

A few emails and phone calls later, all training was booked. James joined an existing Felling over course, the remainder of the training was bespoke and carried out on a 1:1 basis.

The day following his NPTC assessments, 2 weeks after he arrived in the UK, James returned to Hong Kong tired but pleased!


Do contact us if you would like us to arrange any bespoke training.