Training Courses

Chainsaw from a MEWP

Chainsaw from a MEWP


  • Legislation and safety guidelines related to the use of a chainsaw from a MEWP
  • Site safety considerations
  • Equipment to be used
  • Selecting the correct MEWP for the job
  • Carrying out pre-checks on the MEWP
  • Recognising and correcting faults on the MEWP
  • Checking the site for hazzards
  • Understand how to deal with emergencies
  • Operating the mEWP to achieve a good work position
  • Removing lateral limbs using both a  handsaw and chainsaw
  •  Removing vertical stem sections using a chainsaw
  • Correctly installing and positioning a pulling rope
  • Know and can tie relevant knots 


City & Guilds requirements: Please note - Tree Climbing Equipment – LOLER

In order for aerial assessments to commence, you must provide evidence that the equipment to be used is fit for purpose and LOLER compliant. This means that it should have a unique identification and have been thoroughly examined by a competent person. The most current examination record must be provided where equipment is greater than 6 months old. If these records are not available for the Assessor to check, the assessment must not proceed.

We can carry out LOLER inspections, if required. The cost is generally £60 per kit but this does depend on how much equipment there is, what condition it's in and the time taken to log it all on a spreadsheet.



Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling trees up to 380mm 

MEWP operator certificate 


First Aid training is also an essential part of your preparation to use chainsaws, so please look into this if you do not currently hold a relevant qualification. We are pleased to now offer an Emergency Outdoor First Aid at Work course, certificated by the HSE. Ian has a wealth of first aid and trauma experience. Following discussions with him, he has created a more bespoke course for the industry – although all the skills are covered (including catastrophic bleeds and trauma), the scenarios and accidents discussed are tailored to the forestry and arb industry. The total fee is £160.