Two tree cutters using a wood chipper


Bushwood Chipper Training

3 weeks of Brushwood Chipper Training excitement…….

Scott Fraser Brushwood Chipper Training

Lately there has been a surge of Brushwood Chipper training!

Scott was in Suffolk delivering training on a Heizohack 8-400 chipper. This tractor powered and trailer mounted machine produces woodchip of fuel grade. It has a large drum type flywheel, mounted parallel to the incoming wood, which weighs in at 470kg, and has a screen to control chip size. In addition to a large feed roller (width 700mm) there is also a moving floor to the infeed, this takes care of the short stubby bits of wood the trainees were feeding into it…….

When delivering LOLER training at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Scott spoke to the tree team about their TP PTO tractor or trailer mounted machine, with a bespoke chip trailer. This is a neat way to work when based on a relatively small site.

Back in Kent, Scott’s been delivering a Lantra Awards ITA Brushwood Chipper course. This time using a Timberwolf 150 road tow – described as a ‘real work-horse’ by the manufacturer! The funnel feed is designed to assist the powerful feed rollers. The independently mounted blades grip the material before pulling it in.

It’s good to be able to work with a range of Chippers…which make will it be next?