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Brushwood Chipper

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  • Brushwood Chipper

    19th Jun 2024
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Course content

  • Regulations and Industry Best Practice for preparation.
  • Operator maintenance and pre-work checks.
  • Organisation of work area; safe operation, conversion to transport position.

Course Objectives

  • Produce a site specific risk assessment for wood chipping operations.
  • State the principles of HSE legislation and safety guidelines for using a woodchipper.
  • Select the appropriate PPE and state the maintenance requirements.
  • Carry out operator checks and identify the safety features of a woodchipper.
  • Carry out routine operator maintenance.
  • Inspect and identify defects on the blades.
  • Prepare machine prior to operation, start the machine, carry out safety checks and stop machine.
  • Prepare a work area and a range of materials for chipping and identify hazardous materials not to be chipped.
  • Use approved techniques to chip woody brash and both short and long sections of timber safely and effectively.
  • State the procedure for removing blockages.
  • State the safety and environmental factors associated with the disposal of woodchips and the various end uses of woodchips.
  • Prepare machine for transport and storage.


Training should be refreshed every 3-5 years.


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