Man using a Firewood Processor


Firewood Processor - Lantra Awards

Earlier in year we delivered a course to the staff at Gatton Park school near Reigate, Surrey, and this was one of a number of shorter (one or two day) Lantra Awards Wood splitting machine creating logsITA run this year so far on Stumpgrinder, Brushwood chipper and Brushcutter.

Their Hakki Pilke Eagle machine, is an entry level processor and combines a manual log infeed, circular saw for crosscutting and a cone splitter (like the old hydrocrack).

Firewood has been an important part of Scott’s life in Forestry & Arboriculture - from the early days in Heathfield  with a chainsaw & axe and then later a McConnell sawbench (wide single belt drive, not that great on power or safety). Later there was a Thor 13t vertical splitter (still going strong) and a Hakki Pilke 2x processor, this was subsequently upgraded to a 37X Easy with log deck - a very competitively priced machine with hydraulic controls for chainsaw bar, splitter height and deck.

In 2006 Scott took advantage of a funding opportunity to develop a training course in firewood processing, and this was subsequently adopted by Lantra Awards and is available as an ITA (integrated Training & Assessment).

Similar in format to the existing Lantra Brushwood chipper & Stumpgrinder the course splits into three main sessions, the first looking at risk assessment, PPE requirements and other relevant legislation and industry guidance.  Next the machine is explored in terms of overall condition, function, controls, guards & other safety features. Finally the machine is set up safely on site and operated across its range of infeed material, looking at common problems such as the last log and also splitter blockages.

FISA Guidance is also available, and this can be used as a handy checklist or as a prompt when carrying out a safety audit.

Firewood processor brochure                                                                                                                                                                           Wood splitting machine loading cut logs onto a tractor

Man operating the wood splitting machine