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The Kelly Kettle

During our chainsaw or climbing course, a lot of our students comment on the kettles used for boiling water. Having this equipment on-site enables us to have a cup of tea or coffee in the woods at the perfect temperature. The Kelly Kettle is ideal, as it is rapid, safe, secure and built to the highest quality. We at Scott Fraser Training can’t recommend this piece of equipment enough - our students love it.


The History of the Kelly Kettle

It all started in the 1890s...

Patrick Kelly (the great grandfather to the current company directors) developed the first kettle from tin so he could have a cup of tea whilst fishing on the Lough Conn. Although the kettle worked well, it burned out from regular use. Patrick then went onto developing the kettle using copper which was much more durable.

By the 1950s, the Kelly Kettle had become popular among fishermen in the west of Ireland. With the increase in travel, more and more fishermen were experiencing the Kelly Kettle and loving it. Today, the kettle is made out of stainless steel and is used by people for a wide range of activities - including us on our tree training courses.


How it works

The Kelly Kettle boils water within just five minutes. You will need a small fire made in the base, which the Kelly Kettle sits on. Fuel can also be added to the fire via the “chimney” in the middle of the kettle. The water is contained either side of this chimney as you can see from the diagram below. 


Where to buy

The Kelly Kettle website has a wealth of information and additional accessories. For more details about the Kelly Kettle, click the link to their website below.

Diagram from The Kelly Kettle