What should I have in my climbing first aid kit?

Although we offer basic aerial rescue training with our tree climbing courses, we strongly advise taking part in a First Aid Training course to ensure that you are knowledgeable on steps to take, should a medical emergency arise. Being able to assist with an emergency successfully will depend on whether you have the right first aid equipment.


So, what should your first aid kit include?

A robust case - the toughest we have found so far is one made by Tree Kit. This will be attached to your harness so needs to be able to withstand knocks.

A tourniquet – a very important piece of the kit. Used for applying indirect pressure, restricting blood flow.

Hemostatic dressing – used to reduce the bleeding.

A large wound dressing – used to apply further pressure and slow down / stop bleeding


All the above items require specialist training to use properly, so it’s a good idea to look into some good quality first aid training that is tailored to the industry.

We are pleased to work with Sussex First Aid and Trauma Training, who deliver up to date and relevant first aid courses for the arboriculture sector.


Contact us to speak to one of our tree surgery training specialists who can help you decide which course will be best for you. We offer a wide range of chainsaw training courses, aerial tree work courses and LOLER Inspections as well.