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Refresher - Lantra Chainsaw /Felling Refresher

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  • Refresher - Lantra Chainsaw /Felling Refresher

    12th Jul 2022
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Chainsaw / Felling Refresher

This chainsaw training is aimed at users who currently hold the NPTC or Lantra Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling trees up to 380mm units and would like to refresh their skills.

Chainsaw operators: It is a required that you will attended a refresher course, or upskilled to a further unit,  prior to the cut-off date of 5 years from attaining the qualification. It will be your responsibility to ensure you remain compliant.

AFAG 805 In general, proficient tree workers who regularly practise their skills in the presence of colleagues and employers will require training less often. However, advances in technology may justify specific update training, and certain trained skills such as first aid and aerial rescue will need specific, regular practice and updating. For chainsaws, INDG317 Chainsaws at work recommends that refresher/update training takes place every three to five years. This can often be incorporated as part of training for more advanced skills. It is important to record and plan for refresher/update training and the employer must record the structure of the training received by the tree worker based on the type of work undertaken.

Upskilling - some operators prefer to upskill. Felling trees over 380mm is recommended for this. Clients have found this 4 day integrated chainsaw training course very beneficial.

Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling trees up to 380mm refresher - 2 days - £400

Felling trees up to 380mm refresher - 1 day - £250


Alternatively, if a Lantra refresher certificate is not required, we can issue our own certificate of refresher training.

These days can be flexible and be tailored to your needs, with a focus on refreshing different felling cuts trees. Where appropriate, there can be an introduction to the use of a powered winch in the context of felling small trees.