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Tree Canopy Access - SRT

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  • Tree Canopy Access - SRT

    7th Oct 2019
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Single Rope Techniques applied to arboriculture for fast and efficient commercial arboriculture.

Following the successful workshops run in conjunction with the AA and at the Arb show, we are now running a SRT workshop at our site.

This course is mainly targeted at contractors but could be of interest to those specifying and monitoring contracts. There will be a short theory session, followed by an outdoor sesion, where techniques can be demonstrated and practised. 


·      What are Single Rope Techniques 

·      Risk Assessment for access options – don’t discount ladders……..

·      Understand the development of SRT and key legislation relating to SRT including Work @ Height Regs

·      Introduce the key terms & concepts associated with SRT, including; forces on anchor points, fallfactors and peak forces.

·      Select equipment for SRT systems

·      Explore a range of SRT systems, Frog, Texas, RAD. 

·      Set anchor points, including lowerable systems

·      Practice techniques 

·      Discuss the range of reference sources, courses & further information on SRT in the arboricultural, recreational, caving & industrial W@H sectors



This is aimed at people with industry experience.